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Parent Coaching

Achieve homeschool success with the right supportive services.

Did you know, according to the Maryland State Department of Education,
Maryland reached over 42,600 homeschooled scholars in the 2020-21 school year after never reaching 30,000 since at least 2003. ​

With more parents choosing homeschooling opportunities, the need for educational resources, intentional strategies, and step by step support is needed. 


We Prepare, Equip, and Empower Homeschooling Parents to:

  • Be confident and competent as your scholars' primary teacher

  • Develop weekly lesson plans that are efficient for busy schedules

  • Be heard and receive feedback in a safe, supportive, and non judgmental space 

  • Choose a customized curriculum based on your child's' learning style 

  • Demonstrate regular and thorough instruction for reviewers with ease

  • Prepare, equip, and empower your scholar!

Coaching Program Details

STC provides portfolio preparation sessions for parents twice per year. This service assist parents in feeling prepared and empowered to demonstrate regular and thorough instruction for reviewers, We also provide lesson planning prep sessions, as well as provide workshops that helps parents how to select curriculum and identify their students learning style.


Services List & Pricing 

Help is on the way!

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