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Our Programs and Services

Virtual Courses

We educate scholars in an engaging year long virtual opportunity covering the 4 core subject areas. Learn more about how your scholar can excel by enrolling in our hands-on virtual courses.

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We help parents and guardians save time and energy by creating weekly lesson plans and customizing curriculum selections based on their child's learning instruction and style. Our experts are ready to support you to streamline your scholars success today.



Our social emotional learning club provides girls a safe space and tools they need to mature in a community that's creative and exciting. The Growing Girls program supports young girls (age 6-12) beyond the classroom, get your girl involved!

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Online Resources

Ready to take your homeschooling up a notch? We offer a wide selection of media resources from podcast episodes to videos. This content provides tips and tools to sharpen the skills that will support your scholar.

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  • Any key tips for beginners in homeschooling?
    My first tip is to take everything out of our Amazon cart. Get in touch with a homeschool coach that can help point you in the right direction.
  • How can families help guide their children to become more self-sufficient with their school work as they get older?
    Teaching children to use critical thinking skills to solve simple as well as complex problems. We have to be careful not to cripple them in that process of learning how to solve problems. Teaching children how to be responsible and resilient helps build critical skills. Need hands-on help? We specialize in supporting parents who are intentional about their child's personal development and academic growth. Set up a consultation for Parent Coaching.
  • How do homeschool families choose an adequate curriculum? What advice would you give a new family entering their first homeschool year?
    There simply is no perfect curriculum, you must first identify your child’s learning style and your educational model before you can decide on a curriculum. How organized a family is with lesson plans and scheduling can also determine if you need a boxed curriculum (where everything is laid out for parent teachers) During our Parent Coaching sessions, we address all of these things and more to support you in curating the perfect plan for your scholar. Visit our "Parent Coaching" page to learn more about our services.
  • What systems did you put in place to allow you to work while homeschooling?
    Support systems, carpooling, learning pod, drop off tutorials. I have been able to work part, full, and start a business all while homeschooling. With our Virtual Courses and Parent Coaching Services, you too will be able to successfully manage your homeschooling schedule and provide the academic enrichment tools your student needs to excel. Browse the site and services to find the best solution for your family.
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